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Generally, charity registration is required. In exceptional circumstances this requirement may be waived if there is strong supporting evidence that funds will be deployed exactly as agreed within a dependable organisational structure.
Whirlwind’s primary focus is to enhance the potential for success in life of young and disadvantaged people who could not otherwise participate in the activities we fund. We define this group as being up to 25 years of age. The Trustees will consider applications for projects focused on older age groups seeking to achieve similar objectives, but our primary focus is always the young.
Yes – but we prefer to support charities that have established a successful track record of delivery. 
Our Trustees have a wide remit to support different projects but also a strong belief that life at sea, and outdoor pursuits are great methods to improve participants life chances.  We will consider projects outside these areas so long as the activities proposed offer adequate opportunities for personal development through individual challenge and teamwork and access to potential role models through leadership and mentoring.
Yes. After completing a project funded by Whirlwind, you will be required to complete and submit a Donations Impact Report. This will be reviewed by the Trustees and taken into consideration should you make a further application. The Trustees generally do not make more than one donation to any charity in a given year but are keen to build long term relationships with effective and successful charity operations.
No. But we do accept that specific employee/ contractor time costs are likely to be incurred in the direct delivery of at least some of the projects we fund.
We are open to applications for infrastructure funding where it directly supports delivery. For example we have funded docks and lifting hoists to ensure easy access to boats for those with physical disabilities.
Yes, so long as the objectives are clear.
No. The activities we fund must be open to participants of all races, religions and gender. More details can be found on our Guidelines Page.
A well-considered project. Cost-efficient planning and delivery of the project from a lean, well managed organisation with a realistic pay structure and, ideally, the involvement of volunteers. A competitive cost per person per day. Clear objectives for the benefits to be delivered and a down-to-earth means of assessing whether they have been achieved. Access to mentoring both during and following the project. High quality service from the charity applying in terms of the timeliness and efficiency of responding to requests for documentation and sign-offs.
You should allow at least six months, although it can take longer, and may occasionally be faster. Trustees review donations every three months in January, April, July and October, with a cut off date for new applications 2 weeks before each meeting.  At each meeting Trustees may approve a donation or ask for further information on which to base a decision.  Progress from there will depend on your speed of response in submitting requested documents and answering questions raised for clarification.
We are particularly keen on projects that will appeal to, and can involve, the young people whose maritime activities we fund. We want to heighten environmental awareness (and especially the marine environment) among the generation who can influence future outcomes through their own understanding of the issues and their own behaviour towards the environment.



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