Welcome to The Whirlwind Charitable Trust

The Whirlwind Charitable Trust was established in 2007, thanks to a generous donation from Noel and Sylvia Lister’s Lister Charitable Trust.

The focus of the charity is to provide life-enhancing experiences to young, disadvantaged and disabled people, principally but not exclusively through the challenge and stimulation of maritime and outdoor pursuits. Our goals are to encourage those we support to grow in confidence, ambition and achievement, whatever their personal background and circumstances.

We live in an age where the restrictions of a health and safety culture can sometimes displace more fundamental values such as self-reliance, teamwork and individual initiative. The Trustees strongly believe in the benefits to society, as well as to the individual, of promoting and supporting character-building activities, especially for those who can least afford it or are perceived to be less physically able to participate.

A positive educational element, particularly with regard to the coastal and marine environment, is welcomed in the activities we support.

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